Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is a technique intended to increase sexual arousal and achieve male orgasm by massaging and stimulating the prostate gland. Also known as prostate milking, the prostate massage is a service offered by some exotic massage parlours and spas. Because the prostate is essential for ejaculation, it can be stimulated by fingers placed in the rectum as well as other massaging of the groin and erogenous zones. Not all erotic spas will offer a prostate massage as a featured service, so be sure to check or make any requests for extra services.

Prostate Massage Parlours

  • Massage By Kelis
    Toronto, Ontario, , Canada
  • Muse Massage Spa
    1290 FInch Ave. West Unit 13 Toronto, Ontario, M3J2B1, Canada

    MUSE Massage Spa located on the border of Toronto and North York, provides a unique twist on erotic massage worth checking out. With a wide variety of attendants, their standard massage services var...

  • Sarah Massage
    Toronto, Ontario, , Canada