Toronto Erotic Massage

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From Downtown Toronto to throughout the Greater Toronto Area, licensed erotic spas follow strict government guidelines to ensure not only the health and safety of their clients but also the fair treatment of employees and massage parlour attendants.

Both the parlour and individual attendants (masseuses) will have their own licenses under two categories: A body rub license or a holistic massage licence. Because there is a limit to 25 legally licenced body rub parlours in Toronto, many exotic spas are licensed as holistic massage parlours.

Exotic spas are generally open on a daily basis and until late at night in Toronto, with varying hours depending on location. The type of massage you wish to receive will depend on the services offered by a specific parlour as well as the facilities provided.

For example, there are many exotic massage parlours in Toronto that offer amenities such as hot tubs with massaging jets or shower tables for added pleasure. The vast majority, however, will only feature showers for sanitation purposes and possibly shower massage services.

Almost any adult massage parlour in Toronto will base its pricing on both the type of service provided and length of time. A variety of massage techniques are generally offered, with the most basic type of massage being a topless body rub. Other common services include a body slide, nude reverse, four-hand massage, couples packages, VIP packages, and more.

Of course, extra services can always be added to any standard service at an additional cost, provided it is legal and agreed upon by both the spa and the masseuse.

Depending on what time you wish to arrive, there will be several attendants available for you to choose from. Pricing may depend on the demand of the masseuse, with some offering massage services at a higher rate than others.

It's also not uncommon for an erotic massage parlour in Toronto to charge a door or room fee, which is paid to the establishment directly in addition to the cost of the service paid to the masseuse.

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